End of the Holidays

Now, after nearly one and a half month of summer holidays, my classes will resume. It was very nice to get the chance to relax and wind down after the extreme stress i felt before the summer. But at the same time i am very glad to start school again, mainly because of the huge […]

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Good day! So this Tuesday i went alone to Hiroshima by Shinkansen for the first time. And it was a very lovely trip. To start of with, the sinkansen ride that only took 1 hour was so smooth and relaxing i could very easily fall asleep. I am not kidding it goes so freaking fast […]

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Hello everyone! At the time of writing this update, i have been enjoying my summer holiday for about 2 weeks now, and i couldnt be happier with it. I have rarely done anything during my break but i dont mind. I havnt had many plans on going traveling for the first part of my summer […]

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And end of an era

Today is a very sad day. Today is my last day with my host family, for tomorrow i will move to my own apartment, which is nice, but i am going to greatly miss my fantastic host family. My host mother and host father have been so fantastic to me these last 3 months, that […]

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Amazing drumming!

Hello! Wow last weekend i saw the most amazing performance in my life. The show was called “Drum Tao” and the….Genre(?) Is called Taiko. And damn was it beautiful. The power of each hit, the beautiful lighting and visuals, the humor of the performers. After just 5 minutes i felt like putting on my samurai […]

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Lovely countryside

Good day everyone! Hope everyone is fine and happy, because here i am exhausted… I got to say, i was expecting Japan to bring many challenges towards me and i thought i was prepared for them all. But i was not prepared for the tons and tons of new words we have to remember every […]

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