My Kenjutsu Training

Hello again! Here goes a video explaining some things that has been going on in Japan. (Turned out to be 2 because internet doesnt want me to upload to big of a video) And here goes some extra information. As i stated in the video, the last few weeks i have had some events i […]

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Im not dead yet!

Howdy! Im back with a quick heads up for a bigger update that will be coming soon. As maby some of you know, this Sunday my Kenjutsu Dojo had a performance in honor of our Soke’s (Grand master)  20 anniversary. I have spent many hours the last few weeks practicing to give a good enough […]

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Sword Practice

Im back! And this time i have some interesting pictures to share with you all. The sword art i am practicing is a form of Kenjitsu, called Shin Kage Ryu (New shadow style). I have been practicing in this dojo for around 4 months now, i believe. And my abilities has greatly improved over that […]

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End of the Holidays

Now, after nearly one and a half month of summer holidays, my classes will resume. It was very nice to get the chance to relax and wind down after the extreme stress i felt before the summer. But at the same time i am very glad to start school again, mainly because of the huge […]

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Good day! So this Tuesday i went alone to Hiroshima by Shinkansen for the first time. And it was a very lovely trip. To start of with, the sinkansen ride that only took 1 hour was so smooth and relaxing i could very easily fall asleep. I am not kidding it goes so freaking fast […]

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Hello everyone! At the time of writing this update, i have been enjoying my summer holiday for about 2 weeks now, and i couldnt be happier with it. I have rarely done anything during my break but i dont mind. I havnt had many plans on going traveling for the first part of my summer […]

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