I am going home. I am finally going home. It has been one whole year. Before comming here, i was very afraid of what would happen. I was worried that i would fail. That i would not make any friends. That i would be alone on the other side of the world.
How it actually turned out, i could never have imagined. I met so many great people and made memories that i will carry to my dying days. I love japan and its people so much.
I dont want to return to sweden, but at the same time i do. I will miss all my friends so much. Tears are falling down my cheeks as i am writing this and it feels good.
In such a difficult and confusing part of my life, you all have given me the motivation and strength to go further with new and renewed energy like never before.
I could sit here and write a whole book and thank everyone and everything that has happen to me, but instead, ill just say this:
I am comming back.

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