Graduation and Future visions

Hello everyone.

I finally made it. I have reached the end of my time here at Genki JACS. I have spent 11 months at this school, meeting so many fantastic people and learned so much.
When i first arrived here in Japan, i couldnt even write my name. Now i can close bank accounts, travel to the other side of the country by myself, keep hour long conversations, all in Japanese.
It has been very challenging. Partly for the problems i brought with me from Sweden, but mostly the fact that Japanese is so difficult to grasp. So many time have we learned different grammar points that sounds exactly  same but has a different meaning, has the exact same meaning, but with a slightly different feeling, or just simply sounds really close to one thing, but means the complete opposite.
But it has all been worth it. There has been crying, anger, confusion and laughter. while straining, it has given me a new look on my own personal abilities. I feel like i have gotten so far, and achieved so much, that even though some of the people who started of the same level as me, has gotten higher up over the time time, i couldnt be happier with what i have done.
I want to thank everyone that has helped me through these challenging times, and especially these lovely people who helped make it the most fantastic time in my life.
Rod, Michael, Tom, Dave, メグちゃん、きよみさん とかずおさん、たくまさn、るり先生、かよこ先生、あや先生、まさひろ先生、森さん and Demi-san. Thank you all for your help during this year. And hopefully ill get to meet you all again in the future. I might forget alot of things, but i never forget someone that has helped me in my life.

And while my time here in Japan is not over just yet, i will not spend much more time in Fukuoka. As of writing this update, i am currently in Kyoto. I finished my last day at school last Friday, and has since been traveling. I will be traveling for roughly 6 days in Kyoto and Osaka, and then i will go to Tokyo for another 5 days, and finally will spend my final 5 days in Fukuoka, because i want to end my time in Japan, being in the city i have spent all my time in. After that, i will be returning to Sweden, with the goal of coming back to Japan soon.

Plans for the Future:
As stated, i will be traveling in Japan for about 2 more weeks, and after that return home to Sweden. I changed my flight back with one day, so i will Now be landing in Stockholm 16.00 On the 27th of March.
While i am looking very much forward to returning to Sweden, to meet my family, Friends and pets, i am planning on returning to Japan very soon. I am not fully sure what i actually will lend up doing, since alot of it is wishful thinking, but i have gotten a few contacts here in Japan and even a few hints of possible work opportunities, that would be really interesting to try. Getting the chance to move to Japan would really be an out of this world experience. Ill keep my eyes open for any possibilities that might arise in the future.

What has happend since last update:
Since my last update, me and my best friend Climbed Fukuokas tallest mountain, Sefuri san at 1055 meters. it took us roughly 3,5 hours to climb all the way to the top, and slightly under 3 hours to get back down again. It was the most beautiful and breathtaking climb or hike ive ever done in my life, the nature was like from a fantasy novel, and view was like a nature documentary and the company made it all perfect. It started with us meeting at my apartment and taking the bus for about 1 hours to a small little town called Shiiba. From there we tried our best to follow a road leading up the mountain, and at one point trying to make our own shortcut through the steep forest to reach another path. If it actually turned into a shortcut or not, that i am not sure of, but i had fun atleast! We were slightly sad that we only found the hiking trail about halfway up the mountain (ironically, we found the trail we had missed, when we were going down the mountain, using the same path we took up). While it took up a long time to reach the peak, the path leading up it was easy to follow and with lots of beautiful views to see.
And as a reward for climbing that tall of a mountain, we awarded ourself with some pizza afterwards. Yay for dominoes!

And the graduation ceremony, while quick, was very emotional for all of us. well, atleast for most of us. One student decided it was a good time to spend most of his speech thanking a language application he used rather than the teachers. I guess thats what happens when you had the discipline and self awareness of a house mat. Really, i have had classes with most of the teachers in the school and gotten a decent feel of most of them, it was not the teachers fault he preferred to use the application.
But anyway! We had a lovely time saying our thanks to all the teachers, seeing all your friends from school gathered together and hearing some warm words from everyone at the school. I will miss you all once i return home. Greatly.

What will i do with the rest of my time? As stated, i am currently in Kyoto, enjoying this years lovely spring, and try to conclude all my wishes and plans from this one year in Japan. I have visited almost all the places i dreamed of visiting and i have made alot of great friends. I honestly dont know what i feel right now. I really want to return home, to recharge my energy, to let myself relax and get rid of all my stress, see my family and friends. But i also dont want to go home. While yes, i am still a foreigner in Japan, and even if i would spend a lifetime here, it would very likely always be treated as such, i still feel so free and happy in this country. Every time i look out the window i see something beautiful. Every time i take a walk, i cant help but look in aw at every small thing thats different from Europe. I cant help but feel like i fit in with this more quiet, traditional, self restrained and humble country. I know Japan has many many faults, and Sweden has so much much more freedom, i feel like i relate more to the Japanese mentality.

But to that, i will use one of my favorite phrases in Japanese; しょうがない (Shou ga nai) Which roughly translates to “It cant be helped”. And it works well with my other mantra; Hakuna matata!

So everyone, until next time, Hakuna matata! Because しょうがない!
I need some sleep…

One thought on “Graduation and Future visions

  1. Daniel!!! Thank you for this amazing time! I feel the same like you. I looking forward to see my friend, family and my favorite places. It was always fun with you, somehow we were always laughing. I still very imrpessed of your personality. You always said you cant, you have troubles… It was making me always a little bit angry… And at least you are better than others with you japanese, even they are in higher classes! To learn something it take more than only intelligents or remembering things well. It also needs heart i think! And
    damn you do have it. When you coming back to fukuoka, this wounderfull city with a lots of fantastic people, i hopefully will be still there. Of course if everything working! We have to see us again! Take care of you!

    Michael 😀

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