The Flu season

Hello everyone. Time for another update.

So since last update, not very much has happened. With my studying, we did finally finish the 2nd book last week. It felt great to finally finish it, but they gave us a very strange timeline for the test. What they had planned was that after we had finished book 2, we then should start learning study some completely new stuff for 2 weeks, that is not in any of our books, and then do the books 2 test. That did not make sense to any of us in class, so we asked them to let us to the test earlier, but they agreed to give us the test on the same week. They meant we had 2 days to rehearse a book on around 340 pages. Lets just say i did not score so good. I dont remember what it was, but i dont think it was passable. But it doesnt matter, because the test was planned to be after those 2 weeks, we get a chance to redo it on that day. So hopefully i get some more time to freshen up on the things i missed.

The last week, ive been down with the flu, which has made it a little frustrating. My body temperature has been going up and down like crazy, where almost every evening, i am freezing cold, but when i wake up in the morning or the middle of night, i am warmer than the insides of a microwaved soup. Luckily i have been getting better, so ill be fine and dandy very soon.

So here is the few things that has happened while i was away. So last week, on Saturday i took a long walk after feeling very restless, and the places here in Fukuoka for taking walks, are just amazing. It always leaves me breathless (Not because of my poor health). And it took me around 4 hours of walking before i finally grew to hungry. I first visited a Traditional Japanese Styled Garden that is very close to my apartment. Took me only 15 minutes to get there and spend about 1 hours enjoying the pretty view. It wasnt very big, big it was so beautiful and tranquil that i walked very leisurely and took my time. I even got to have a little chat with the people serving tea inside the main building complex. Was absolutely fantastic.


And after leaving the garden, i headed towards a park that was about 30 more minutes walk. The weather on this day was just perfect. It was not to cold, the sun was shining bright the entire day, and the city was very quiet. On the way to the park, i took some detours and saw some fantastic views.


I also found this sign that caught my attention. It is a sign that says “If you see a sexual offender, Call 110”. It surprised me because while we have perverts and sex offenders in Europe, i have no memorie of ever seeing any warning sign or information ad about them before. While here in Japan, it appears to be quite a common problem.


When i actually got to the park itself, i felt like i entered the Lord of the Rings. It was so Lush and free. Even though it was 2a’clock on a Saturday, there was very few people walking around. I came across a few kids playing around an observation tower and some elderly people taking a walk. It felt so quiet and nice in the forest that i forgot to take alot of pictures. I got a few, but i enjoyed it to much to pay any attention to that. My first goal was the observation tower to the west where i could see, what felt like, the entire city. Seeing things from a different perspective is always very fascinating to me, because just being a few meters higher up in the air, can make all the difference.


After that, i started heading home, by walking through the park to the northern exit. So many small and cute woodland paths you could walk on, with no signs of loitering anywhere. It was fantastic to see the small parks they have here in Japan, and to get the chance to take a relaxing walk through them.


And after some more strolling through the city, i finally returned home. Tired after all the walking, i took a small nap to charge up for todays evening, because today, me and some school friends are going out with Japanese people and drink. In Japan, they have a Term called “Nomihodai” which means, all you can drink. They usually have good prices for the amount of alcohol they serve. I mean it is literally all you can drink for one our or so. But when i finally woke up, my alarm did not wake me up, so i arrived a little late to the meet up. But after meeting them up at the bar, we had an amazing time. We all had alot of good laughs and spoke about 50% english and 50% Japanese. I noticed that with most people, once they drink slightly, their 2nd language becomes really good. I spoke Japanese for hours without any breaks. Loved it!


Thank you all for giving me a wonderful evening! Cant wait to do it again.


And with that, ill leave you all until next time. I hate to say it, but i have to do my homework…. And right now, all i want to do is sleep…. Oh well!

Take care everyone, and ill see you soon!

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