Only 2 months left

Hello everyone.

In the last few weeks now, ive been thinking more and more over the fact that time has really flown so fast while ive been in Japan.
I simply can not understand how those 10 months can have flown past so quickly. It felt like it was 4 months ago that i first took the stop onboard the airplane taking me from Stockholm to the other side of the world. It felt like only 4 months ago , that i first started learning how to write and read in Japanese, where the hardest word in my vocabulary was the word for post office.
Time has gone so fast, i am worried i might have taken it for granted. But it is okey. My time here in Japan has been so amazing in so many ways, even if i only did some of the things ive wished or only 1/4 of the things my classmates has done, i am very happy with what i have archived. I have met some of the most amazing people here in Japan, both Japanese and westerner. I have seen views and places with my own eyes i never thought existed. I have been greeted with kindness from strangers that i never knew existed.

And even if i still have many things on my to do list in Japan, i do not feel an ounce of regret. For my main goal, when i come back to Sweden, is to start making plans for my next adventure to Japan. My list will only ever become longer. My adventure has begun, but will not be finished in many many years.


Since the last update, there has not been alot happening. We had a test last week on the last 3 chapters in the book, which i got good enough score on. My results in total was 84%, but alot of that was hampered over the listening test and the vocal interview the teachers had with us. We did all the written tests and the interview on Tuesday, while we had to postpone the listening for Wednesday. The problem though was that the interview consisted of very easily answered question with very little room to use the new grammar and vocabulary we had learned from these chapters, so understandably, i had a hard time giving answers with more complex grammar.
And for the listening test, it went very bad, mostly for me not being mentally ready for it. I had slept very bad the day before, and i was barely aware of the things being said to me, by either classmates or teachers. And i have no problem with listening or speaking Japanese, i casually have small talk with people whenever i get the chance to, but when my mind is in far-of places, my english, japanese, and swedish all are equally bad.

But hopefully the teachers know my hearing and speaking ability, and decided that i do not need to redo the listening.


And for a small update on my Kenjutsu; I am getting faster and better at the forms ive learned so far, and have an easier time understanding the steps for the new ones. I start to get a better bond with my classmates at the dojo and have a much easier time small talking with them. And of course, none of this would be possible without my Sensei who can translate all the instructions and information to English. I want to make sure to practice even after i come back to Sweden, and hopefully i will find a way to bring home a practice sword with me, so i can have something to always remember my Dojo from.
We had another performance a few weeks ago, and it went well, even though the weather was somewhat cold in our Practice uniforms.

With that, i will leave you all with some extra pictures i took the last few weeks. With the tests coming up, and me starting to feel a little more drained in the last spurt of my studies, i need to get much more sleep than i actually do. Before, i could say sleep was for the weak! Now i say Sleep is for the weak or for those who study Japanese!

Until next time; Toodles!


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