Cancelled plans+Holidays

Hello everyone!
Sad to be the bringer of bad news, but i sadly could not go on the trip to the south this weekend. When i first made all the preparations and was just about to make the booking, i realized that this Friday would be my Kenjutsu Dojo’s last practice for the year, and since i could not join last weeks practice, i did not want to miss this one aswell.

But since i now know how to get to the Sata Misaki, i will go there after the new year has started. So you will get pictures and some an update when that comes, i promise you all that!
And of course the bigger trip to Hokkaido will still happen this Monday. I have already book the 5 days i will stay there, so it is going to be a blast!

After a day of shopping and looking for some new clothes (kind of need some new because i did not bring good clothes for Hokkaido, and i also kind of need some new fancy clothes). And although i almost never go shopping, and even less like to roam around looking for new clothes to steal my money, i actually enjoyed shopping in Japan alot. I found some clothes that were really cool, comfortable and awesome, but with one major issue; They were all to small. I am not kidding, the stores i went to all went only to Extra Large, and XL in Sweden is usually what i pick, sometimes Large even fits perfectly, but here in Japan, every single XL Jacket or short i tried all were to small so that i could not move my arms without risking breaking it on the first day.

But nevertheless i enjoyed seeing all the amazing clothes they had in their stores, and wish i could buy some eventually. And no idea why but it really sucked all the energy out of me so i am considering going to bed earlier than normal today.

But ill give a small review of how things have been going so far, as i didnt deliver on the pictures and such.

First of; My Japanese. My Japanese studying is still as hectic as ever and i study alot (along my brain dead standard atleast) and as usual it is probably more than actually need to, but i want to perform as best as i can for my teachers.
And it actually has improved my Japanese overtime! I still forget many many words and grammar, but i have far surpassed the barrier of not speaking Japanese because i do not know the correct grammar, words, or being afraid of making mistakes. Knowing you have a problem, and having a fear of failing at that problem, is the biggest reason for that problem to never get resolved. Every single day here in Japan where i speak to a Japanese person, i make error after error, but it doesnt matter. They get impressed but your level, no matter how high or low you are and they will not criticize you or laugh in any way. I mean it, i once accidentally said Penis in Japanese, trying to say something else, and they did not react other than repeating the word as a question to see if i meant correctly. I love speaking, so i can sit and talk with Japanese people endlessly about just anything aslong as i get to practice the words i still know, and they mostly want me to talk about my home country and what im doing in Japan, almost 75% of the time, so i have gotten to practice the words i need quite well.

I usually try to have small chat with cashiers, barbers or just any random person i meet here, because in my time here, i have not met a single unfriendly Japanese person (There are probably loads of them, but i have a tendency to stay away from places or situations where unpleasantness can occur) so there is loads of practicing possibilities here.

And as you all know, Christmas is soon upon us and the new year will soon begin. It is a time to spend with the people you love and cherish. Eating good food and enjoying the warmth from inside. Although there is no snow here in Fukuoka, you can feel the happy Christmas spirit in the people walking around, being with friends. This is my first year celebrating Christmas anywhere other than in Sweden, So this is an experience i have not been through before. What will i do on the day of Christmas trees and presents? I dont know. Ill probably take a walk, maby rest at a park and think about some people back in Sweden that i miss (And also you, you Dutch Bumhole! Love you Rayray) and try to relax after this exhausting year.

Ill probably write on final update after coming home from Hokkaido and write about that and the upcoming new year, so ill see you all again then.

If not;

Merry Christmas to you all and have a fantastic new year. Spend your time with the ones you love and always remember; Life is good! It all depends how you look at it.



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