Hiking trip


This weekend i did something fantastic and unexpected for a lazy person like myself, i went on a one man hike!
Since i had some extra free time this weekend because of the fact that i have been trying to lessen the amount of homework i regularly do, because i realised that it stressed me out way to much, and if i cant enjoy Japan because i do nothing other than study, then what is the point of this trip to begin with?

So! I had planned to go out early for the trip, since i knew it would take between 3-4 hours in total, so original deadline was 11. After me getting occupied with things i dont remember, it was postponed until 12. After i realized that my washing machine takes longer than the instructions say to finish, i postponed it to 1. But now i finally set of!
I got my backpack with some extra socks, an extra shirt and gloves incase it would get colder. Since i live very close to the middle of Fukuoka, i had to take the bus for about 1,5 hours to reach a small train station called “Umi Station” and got some food and drinks to use along the way.


It is really enjoyable to be on the outskirts of Fukuoka for all their beautiful small houses and communities out there. It has a very nice charm to it. And from the station itself, it took about 30 minutes to finally get out of the city. Now i could finally see the mountains come closer and closer by every step. It looked amazing to see the great forests infront of me and all the pretty fields and water streams around me as i continued. At first glance on google maps, i saw what i thought was a hiking trail, but alas, it was not. I mistook a simple district border for a hiking trail so i decided to just walk on the side of the road that went up and down the mountain. It was pretty zigzaggy so it was fine, i still got to see alot of pretty landscape.


The first thing that surprised me (other than the just pure beauty of the Japanese nature) was something that is probably not very common but i was very surprised by.

Model toy airplanes. yes. Model. Toy. Airplanes.
I have seen those before so that was not the chocking part. The chocking part was that i found my first 5 on two occasions the first 30 minutes upon entering the mountain. I decided to bring them with me back home, but i soon realized i couldn’t keep doing that, because not soon after i picked up my first 5, i found more. And more. AND MORE! I am not exaggerating, during my entire 4 hour trip, i found either somewhat-whole planes, or small pieces of them the entire way. Someone must have been very very mad for doing that to those poor poor airplanes….

Might have been the same person who threw all those porn videos and magazines away… Oh, i forgot to mention, i also found on some occasions found porn magazines and VhS/DVD on the side of the road and once even inside a small clearing a big pile of maby 15 porn DVDs laying on the ground. Must have been one hell of a camping trip.


But enough of dirty talk! You all want to see exactly how beautiful Those mountains were, and i shall not disappoint. Just 1,5 hour into the mountains i found a small entrance that seemed to just lead slightly up the a small hill, so i decided to get a little sidetracked and explore. Just a few minutes up i found one of the most beautiful scenes in my life.



Standing on top of a small dam, looking out at this fantastic landscape, i felt free’er than i have ever felt. The wonderful terrain, the silence, the model airplanes! no wait…. The clean air, yes.


I continued for about 2 more hours until i realized one small miscalculation i made; it was getting darker, fast! So i fastened my step slightly and tried to not get to derailed from the road, i was aiming to reach the next city along the road, but also took the time to have a small lunch on top of a bridge above the road. Managed to snag another great picture from there aswell.


And so with the light getting darker and darker, i realized it wouldn’t be able to make it to the city before it would be so dark, i would not be able to safely travel along the side of the road. I might be careless on occasions but not stupid! And as you can see in the next picture, just 30 minutes after, it got so dark that my black clothes did not fit well into my surroundings. (Also even though Japanese people are absolutely amazing in so many ways, they do drive like crazy!)


So i looked on google maps, even though i had not had any internet for the last 2 hours and the battery running low, i found that there was a small Japanese restaurant closeby. I explained how i got here and asked them kindly to call me a taxi so i could get back to the closest train station, to return to Fukuoka. There were one Elderly woman cooking and her two daughters or grandchildren helping out. They were very friendly, kind and we had a good talk while i was waiting for the taxi to arrive. They even explained to the driver about where i wanted to go and even checked with the driver of which city was the best one to take the train from (and ironically, it was the city i aimed to walk to in the first place) And finally the taxi arrived, and i bowed and thanked them for their help, and went on my way.

So after getting of the train at Hakata station ( the main train station) and afterwords taking the buss back home, i took a long nice shower after having a delicious and well earned dinner. I was very satisfied after today expedition and will very likely go on more before i leave Japan. I even got a recommendation about another mountain closeby that actually have a hiking trail. But i did not give up on my goal of reaching that closeby city. Next time i will go to the train station best positioned and walk to the spot i ended at last time, to continue where i left of. I look forward to that and ill gladly stop by that restaurant again for a bite to eat! Ill just say that i slept very well after having warmed up with the shower and finally hitting the sack! (picture of the day after)


And with that, i will do as i did then, fall asleep after a long and hot shower in this autumn cold. I hope you all enjoyed my little story time, aswell as these lovely photo’s.

Take care and ill see you all next time!

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