My Kenjutsu Training

Hello again!

Here goes a video explaining some things that has been going on in Japan. (Turned out to be 2 because internet doesnt want me to upload to big of a video)

And here goes some extra information. As i stated in the video, the last few weeks i have had some events i had visited related to my Kenjutsu training, and it has been lovely. I could not take any pictures during those events because i was busy performing and, or, helping out my classmates in between.

So 2 weeks ago on a Sunday was my Grand masters 20th anniversary and we held an event in his honor. It was an honor to be a part of it and hopefully i made my teachers proud. On that event, other than us performing our sword techniques, there were traditional Japanese Fan dancing and a really really impressive performance from another dojo in Fukuoka that mainly focuses on raw strength. Their performance consisted of them piling up loads of long sticks on top of each other and one after each other taking turns smashing them with other sticks. It might not sounds impressive at first, but they managed to all take turns with maby 30seconds to one minute each of nonstop hammering down on their targets.

They never stopped even for a second during their turns and screamed for every hit. You saw the sweat dripping of their heads all over the floor and their muscles straining after each turn. Not only that, but after they all had taking their designated turns, they all lined up again their Teacher, each carrying a medium in length stick to defend against their teachers assault with a heavy and long stick of his own. And i cant imagine myself being able to relentlessly hammer down with such raw strength, to then afterwards have to block an full-forced attack straight on. Japanese dedication and spirit never ceases to amaze me.
Also a few pictures of me in there. (What?! i like seeing myself with a sword among Japanese Samurai!)


And lastly, last Sunday we had another event as stated in the video. We went to a very old shrine just outside of Fukuoka to be part of a celebration, i dont know exactly what the event or show was for, but it was fun non-the-less.
And here are some pictures! Take care and i will see you all the in the next update!

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