Im not dead yet!


Im back with a quick heads up for a bigger update that will be coming soon. As maby some of you know, this Sunday my Kenjutsu Dojo had a performance in honor of our Soke’s (Grand master)  20 anniversary. I have spent many hours the last few weeks practicing to give a good enough performance to share the stage with my classmates.
And i have to say, it went great! It was very fun to see how many people were there, even the lord of Fukuoka came. It was great, even though i did not understand anything that was being said.

Since i was occupied the entire show, i could not take any pictures, but luckily many others did. i am just waiting to be able to barrow theirs to share with you all. Hopefully they will suffice!

Other than that, life in Japan is rolling like usual. Lovely weather, much more windy than the extreme heat of the last few months and a bit more rain. Now we have started on our 2nd book with all new grammar, vocabulary and Kanji’s. And my head is already confused. I am still rolling on with my new studying set up, which is, everytime the teachers hands out homework, i ask ask for an extra page. I to that days homework, but the extra page i will do the same day next week. That way i will not forget everything i learned last week once i start with something new. It has worked so far and sometimes i ask for an entire chapters old homework just to freshen up, which will be about 5 or 6 pages.

Only sad thing is that with all my studying and Kenjutsu practicing, i barely have any time to exploration or joining my school on their activities. But oh well, you have to pick your battles. And i also have to take the time to consider staying for 6 more months, now that they finally have implemented the visa extension.

…Decision, decision….

Oh well, until that time arrives, i will probably have done alot of soul searching.

I will see you all again when ill manage to get my hands on some photos from this sunday!



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