My Japanese gets slightly better

Hello everyone!
Now that it has been 3 weeks since the school started again, i have an update for you all.
My Japanese has gotten much better over the break. It is not because of all my studying, it was not that i practiced talking Japanese every day. It was for the simple reason that i finally got to let everything i had learned the first months simply sink in.

Before the break i had a huge amount of daily stress, and having to speak to Japanese people with my clearly faulty pronunciation, grammar and lacking vocabulary only made me more insecure. But as time went on, where i did not have tons of new information coming in daily or deadlines to meet, i got more and more comfortable with the situation and didn’t feel like talking with Japanese people was a chore, as i felt previously. Now when i go around Fukuoka and enter stores to buy food or things alike, i usually take some time to have a little small talk with the cashier in Japanese, and it is so cute because they always get so surprised and happy to see a westerner speak their own language.

Other than that, not very much else has happened. After the break i joined a new class, which was okey, but most of them were only one month students that already had been here for about 2 or 3 weeks, so i didn’t really get to know them during that time. And it is always fun to meet and talk with people from all over the world, to see other cultures and customs. During my 5 months here i have meet so many people from so many countries. Ive met swedish, finnish, german, dutch, belgians, russians, koreans (south, not north) chinese, australians, americans and so many more. (Not a single danish person though, i just realised…..)

And a fun side note, my sword fighting practice is getting better! I during my time there, ive finally learned my first 3 forms, and my sensei want me to learn 2 more for my Grand masters 20th anniversary in October. ( hopefully i will have some awesome pictures to share, Not by me, because i will be participating) So wish me luck on that! I really dont want to disappoint my sensei or Grand master.

On this Sunday i will go on a trip with my entire Dojo to the countryside to have a small celebration and also to practice our sword cutting techniques with REAL swords on bamboo mattresses. I am very excited about it and hope to feel exactly how important those small, at first inconsequential movements they have tough me, will be when used on a real target instead of air. I am so grateful that i have an American sensei who have lived in Japan for 26 years, to help me improve and learn. Since all the other senseis have very limited english they would only be able to show me the strike order and help me change my body movement, but just using your body without knowing why, wouldn’t get e very far.

But that enough for now. I will try to take as many pictures as i can during Sundays event, but from all the posts i have made and my lack of updates, i think you all have figured out i do not like to take to many pictures to often. I have no idea why it just doesn’t feel right! But ill ask my Friends at my dojo to share any pictures they take so i can get some more for you all.

Until my next update: Take care and have a wonderful summer!

P.s: Here are some awesome pictures i took the last month :3


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