End of the Holidays

Now, after nearly one and a half month of summer holidays, my classes will resume.
It was very nice to get the chance to relax and wind down after the extreme stress i felt before the summer. But at the same time i am very glad to start school again, mainly because of the huge restlessness i have felt the last weeks.
And it is going to be nice to see all my teachers and classmates again, although if i am correct, my new class will be of students i do not recognize or know from before. But that was expected after that i had to jump down one lesson, which i reluctantly agree was the right thing to do, to give me a chance to fully grasp the harder chapters we just had started.

Maby i should even bring them some kind of gift to ease their pain of having to teach me for 7 more months! Haha maby buy them some delicious creps.

Oh well, now im off to school in heavy rain…. Wish me luck!

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