Hello everyone!

At the time of writing this update, i have been enjoying my summer holiday for about 2 weeks now, and i couldnt be happier with it. I have rarely done anything during my break but i dont mind. I havnt had many plans on going traveling for the first part of my summer break, and honestly, i dont feel the strong need to it. I want to enjoy Japan and not hurry from one place to another to simply say “ive seen everything now!”. I have been stressed enough with the last 3 months of studying so i deserve some me time watching anime or hanging out with Japanese friends :3

But now to some things that i actually have done!
First thing that happened (actually before the break but it counts!) was when me and a my best friend in Japan went on a baseball game in Fukuokas biggest arena! We had some amazing seats just behind the batter so we saw everything almost like VIP seats šŸ˜€
The tickets were a goodbye gift from my host family for when i moved into my apartment, and it was those seats and a free drink! This was the first time being at a baseball game for either me nor my friend, so at the start of the game so we both had to look on his phone to read what the actual rules of the game was. It didnt help,
But it was a very nice experience to see all the energy of the audience and before and after shows was so fun and joyful that i couldnt help but clap to the music and dancing.





The week after the baseball game me and my two friends decided to spend a day at a marine park (On the hottest day in a long time! I think it got to 34 degrees with clear skies) and it was a nice experience. We got to see alot of exotic fished from the Japanese waters and some shows with dolphins. Incredible animals that move so gracefully! Wish i could be a dolphin but i would probably drown for being to lazy to swim…. worth it though!
And an extra exciting thing we saw was a big fish tank filled with manta rays, normal fishes and even sharks! And then one of the staff went diving inside the big tank to bed the sharks and rays, which takes a real spine to do! I have a big fear of things living in the water. I dont eat fish and i pray they wont eat me in return!




And then we have the last adventure ive been to this summer so far, the Yamakasa! It is a festival only in Fukuoka, and takes place only in the Hakata area, around where my school is located. It is on a saturday so not many people have work or school, but there is one big big problem. It starts at 4.59 in the morning! (I dont know why, but everyone corrects me when i say it starts at 5, because for some reason it is specifically at 4.59)
So when me and my friend went to the parade, we had to wake up at 4, and we live really close to it!
But the festival is to celebrate that the summer has finally arrived, and they celebrate it by crafting these huge and amazing floats with great motifs that is being carried to half naked men wearing nothing but a loincloth, shirt, shoes and a headband. It was a spectacle to see and so many people participated and observed the event with hundred of people on the streets taking turns with carrying the floats.
There is 7 different districts that parade every year, and they all build their own float to show of with people from those districts carrying them for, i think, 2 hours straight. You could see the strain on the people carrying the floats, since one of those could weigh more than a ton! Luckily there were many people along the streets with buckets of water to throw on the people running and for them to stop and crab a cub to drink, but they never stopped for any longer than 10 seconds before they all continued to run. Everyone from small toddlers to retired old men ran, and all with great amount of energy and enthusiasm!



But that is all for me again, i will continue with me summer break by enjoying Fukuoka and its wonderful landscaped, maby i will even go on a trip to tokyo or Kyoto later on, but that i will have to wait and see. I am in no hurry, Japan will be here my entire life after all šŸ˜‰

I will leave you with my new and super cute friend who watches over my apartment when i am gone! Take care!


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