And end of an era

Today is a very sad day.

Today is my last day with my host family, for tomorrow i will move to my own apartment, which is nice, but i am going to greatly miss my fantastic host family.
My host mother and host father have been so fantastic to me these last 3 months, that without them, i dont know how much harder japan would have been.
I could never thank them enough for the endless hospitality, and i hope to one day repay them.

Thank you so much for all, and i will make sure to visit you as often as i can ❤

But here is what you all have been waiting for! Pictures!
These last two weeks have been hectic with the test and all (which was the same test i did last time, but finished this time!) And ive done several interesting and fun things.

On the first week i went to a Very old and traditional Japanese Theater show Called Noh. It is a show that is over 700 years old from what i was told and have not changed. It was really great to see how disciplined the actors were and how well made the costumes were. They even got a few giggles out of me even when i had no idea what they were saying in the comedic act. And the stage they used were amazing!!! I have never seen such a beautiful yet simple stage in my life, and since it was made to show a smaller audience, it felt so much more personal.
And after that i decided to go to a small little park close-by, and went on top of a small tree covered hill to do some homework and to relax. It was so beautiful and tranquil with beautiful weather to boot! But the one bad thing… Mosquitoes… Tons and Tons of Mosquitoes! Big ones! Much bigger than swedish ones and my legs looked like a teenagers face during puberty!

And after that i finally had a day where i could let everything go and just enjoy myself. Me and several school mates and Japanese friends decided to grab a huge watermelon and head to the beach! Not to swim but just to enjoy the lovely day by hanging out. And it was fantastic. Great weather, hot water when i walked up to my knees and great people. We even played volleyball!
Tried playing volleyball.
We punched a ball in the air.
And it was great fun! The beach was stunning to look at. So clean and such a nice atmosphere in all directions, with Fukuokas tallest tower right behind is.

After that we all went out eating together to celebrate this fantastic day and that two days before, two of my classmates had their birthdays. Fantastic food and fantastic friends! What else could you ask for?!

well…. Obviously not a throat infection, which santa claus gladly gave me after i ate his cookies 17 years ago. So for 3 days a felt horrible where i could barely swallow and whenever i put any pressure (like rising, tilting, or just generally moving my head) my head felt like exploding. After finally deciding to visit the doctor, he told me it was not just the flu, it was a throat infection. So what did he decide to do? Well he gave me 5 different kinds of drugs to take, of course!

So now i have 5 different kinds of drugs to take, which means i have to take 7 pills after every meal of the day. Its like a desert of painkillers and antibiotics! So just like icecream.

Time really have flew past so quickly. I really can not believe that 3 months have already passed. I swear it doesnt feel longer than 1 month. But during these 3 months ive made such a great progress for such a difficult language and with my learning disabilities, Ive made some great class mates who help me in whatever problem i have in school and outside of it aswell, and ive made so many great japanese friends i will always remember and hold dear. Thank you all for making my time in japan into a dream.20170624_12465820170624_13001720170617_09424120170617_11544320170617_10050920170617_10050020170617_120450


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