Amazing drumming!


Wow last weekend i saw the most amazing performance in my life. The show was called “Drum Tao” and the….Genre(?) Is called Taiko. And damn was it beautiful. The power of each hit, the beautiful lighting and visuals, the humor of the performers. After just 5 minutes i felt like putting on my samurai armor and give my life to the shogun! I will add all the pictures and videos i took form that night so you can all watch the cellphone pixelated glory. I did read that they have and are doing tours around the world, so if they ever play in your country, please watch it live. You wont regret it.

On sunday me and my two friends from school visited my Japanese friend and her friends at her countryside home. I love the Japanese countryside. As far as the eye can see, there is green lush forests and hills that are more bushy than broccoli. You feel very relaxed just standing under the clear sky and just marvel at its calmness. (although you will still basically melt under the summer sun, because here some days it reaches 30 degrees!)

Now that i actually have a weekend where i can take some time time to explain how things are going.
Its been more than 2 months since i arrived in Japan, and it honestly feels like 3 weeks. With all the stress i feel everyday because of all the stress and uncertainty over not understanding the language around me, my schedule for the most days have been: Waking up, going to school, eat, study, and then try to relax for an hour or so before i go to bed. With a daily routine like that, the time flies past so really really fast.

But i am also having alot of fun to! We cant forget about that. The teachers in my school are just fantastic and so fun to listen to. They really make learning fun. And i have made some great friends in school who help me when the studying gets tough. Sadly i had to jump down one grade 2 weeks ago because the phase got to fast for me, so i no longer am in the same level as my friends. Luckily some weeks, the schedule is similar so we can still do things after school.

And how do i feel now after 2 months in Japan? I thought i would last longer but my home longing is actually starting to kick in. I miss my family, my two adorable dogs and my cat. I miss my work and my great colleagues i had there. And i miss my friends. Alot.
And in 2 weeks i will move out of my host family’s home and start to live in my own 1 room apartment. Its gonna feel great to have the freedom and independence the apartment will give me, but i will miss my host family alot. They have taken such good care of me, help me even there is a huge language barrier between us and big culture shocks. My host mother has helped me every day with my homework and without her help, im unsure how well i would have been able to do on the test.

Overall i am still very happy for taking this trip to Japan and to spend such a long time in the fantastic country. And soon i will have my 6 weeks summer break! i am unsure what i will do during that time, but i am thinking of visiting Osaka or maby Tokyo. Next week i was planning to go to a place called Sweden hills, that lies right next to Sapporo in the northern island of Hokkaido. Sadly i wont be able to go there and celebrate midsummer all swedish style this year. I tried finding a flight back to Fukuoka on the Sunday but none of the planes leave after 4, and the celebrations are from 12:00 – 18:00.

As a sorry for not going to that event and showing you all the small swedish town on the other side of the world ( i would go there one day, i promise you all that!) i will share with you all some picture of what ive been doing every friday for the last month. It is a branch of Aikido Called “Kuroda Handen Yagyu Shinkage Ryu” Or simply “Shinkage Ryu”.
Its a really fun activity that makes me get a small insight in how the Japanese martial art mentality and just the mentality in general, since alot of peoples daily lives and customs are based on old samurai customs. Although very difficult. As you would expect a 1.85m call scandinavian swede would be, i am very heavy, take long big steps and moves not very gracefully. But thats why i want to continue this for a long time, to go from sting like a bunny and fly like hippo, to sting like when your grandmother pinches your cheeks and fly like a student after finishing a test!

And with that i will leave you all with some pretty pictures and drums to enjoy, and i will see when my next update will be, i will show you all my beautiful apartment when i finally have settles in my new home.

Intill then….. Toodles!20170604_142536[1]20170604_142533[1]


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