Lovely countryside

Good day everyone!
Hope everyone is fine and happy, because here i am exhausted…
I got to say, i was expecting Japan to bring many challenges towards me and i thought i was prepared for them all. But i was not prepared for the tons and tons of new words we have to remember every single week. As you saw previously, all those words i took a picture of is what we have to learn every week. And remember the tons of old words we learned previously. It wouldnt be the end of the world if it wasnt for the fact that so many of them are so similar and have exceptions on how you transform the word in different situations. Good thing it still is tons of fun to go to school and that the language is so beautiful, since it makes you endure all the hardships.

But now onto brighter news! This Saturday me and my host family went to my host-fathers sisters house to take care of some daily chores, and i got reminded that the japanese countryside is where the true beauty of japan lies. (although it is hot like a desert here with around 30 degrees!!!)
We spend some time in the lush bamboo forest to bring back home for dinner and helped take care of the flower that surrounded the house. And of course celebrated afterwards with some icecream! 😀

And as small heads up of what might come in the near future: Me and a swedish friend who also is studying japanese, but in a different area of Japan, are planning on going to the northern area of Japan: Hokkaido and celebrate midsummer in a very special town up in the north. Stay tuned for more information  😉

And now i will take my leave again. Ill leave you all some pretty pictures and wish you all a good night. I know the updates are few, but being a dyslectic in Japan is really exhausting to the mind and soul. Everyday after school finishes, i basically get home, eat something, do my homework and then fall asleep! Even during the weekend i either have things planned for a whole day or i am just to tired to do anything. Normally when i have spare time i go visit and truly mesmerizing park only 20 minutes away from where i live.
In stressful situations, you have to take time to find your calm aswell :3

Take care and i will see you next time!


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