Sorry for absence!

Im not dead yet!

I think

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates but its been crazy amount of studying and stress here in japan. After ou first test, the tempo just increased more and more.

So this week we have a new test that is harder than the last one (So all religious people out there, please pray for me). But hopefully its gonna go fine. I have been doing my homework everyday and paid attention in school, or so i think. (I will add some pictures on what i had to do today after school today as homework)

Here in japan everything is still great! The weather has been shining like crazy and its been so hot i think ill get sunburned on my insides this time. And guess what ill do this friday? Another round on karaoke with my classmates! And some japanese people this time! Its gonna be great and ill make sure all of you will hear my adorible voice again.

But once again i have to go to sleep early. My brain cant take staying up to late, these days. Ill keep everyone updated whenever i have the time and let you know how the test went!

And ill leave you with two very pretty things: a picture of how it looks right outside my house during the evening, and a picture of how it looked like when i was used as an example in class. I was not disappointed at all. Other than that i never wear a thick sweater!

Intill next time: toodles!20170522_21175120170522_21174320170522_21183320170522_21183820170506_20590220170518_173438

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