Iki Island And my first test

Hello world!

Wow… This last week has been crazy. For one whole week we had a break from school and it felt so nice to spread my legs and relax a bit. For the amount i could, that is.
Since i knew i had many things to take care of. Meet friends, Study for my first Japanese test that was today (Monday) and the trip to the beautiful Iki Island on Thursday to Friday.

It was like nothing ive ever experienced before. It was so green and lively for an island in the middle of the sea! Everyone had a great time in the sun and the charming scenery. After 2 hours on boat from the coast of Fukuoka, we arrived at Iki islands main harbor where we soon departed in two buses for our guided tour around the island.
The first stop was at a remote cliff side where the locals were having a kite flying celebration. According to legends, Many thousand of years ago, this island was filled with hundreds of demons, until one day a warrior cut of the head of the leader of the demons and put the head on-top of his helmet to scare the others away.
He succeeded and to continue scaring the demons off, the islands inhabitants painted big kites in different motives to make them fly up in the air to keep all evil away.

After that we went to a beach to pick up trash…. I know who wouldn’t be jealous of that?
After the beach combing we went to a museum of this islands history, specifically the time 100BC to 500AD if i remember correctly. Back then this island was used as a very important trade between china, korea and japan.

And at the end of our first day, we finally arrived at the hotel where we were going to stay at. Just as beautiful as the rest of the island. While everyone else was enjoying their BRBQ and drinking, i spent my time exploring and enjoying a hot bath in the hotel. (i know im not the most social person but that darn bath was the greatest ive had in my life! even if i only lasted 30 minutes in the boiling heat). And Jokes on them, i was one of the few people who didnt wake up with a terrible hangover!

To slowly warm up the people from last nights drinking, we first went to a place called monkey rock. It was weird to look at a giant rock we had driven past the day before without seeing anything special, and the just take a few steps to the side and we could see a giant monkey face along the coast! i took pictures from both the side where you see the monkeys face and from the view where it just looked like a strange rock formation. And also me, from a view of a strange human formation.

After that came my 3 best moments of the trip. We went to a small shrine on-top Iki islands 3rd highest hill where the islands inhabitants over the years have traveled here and offered small statues of monkey as a gift to the gods. there were over 400 monkey statues scattered over the hill. Many along the pathway up but most of them bunched up in the main compound at the top.
Then another amazing shrine atop a small island that could only be reached by foot during low tide. And i can see why they placed alot of their shrines where they are, because it really looks magical! We found a cabin on top of the hill with 2 small sheds where our guide told us that the god Amaterasu and others were listening to our prayers.
And then we have the last beach trip during our visit. I forgot to take pictures but it was great! The sun was on top of us all day, And everyone was so happy. The sand was amazing and the water was freezing! Nothing that would stop a swede though, so of course i had to jump into the water! And i stayed in that water for 5 minutes until i realized not many other dares follow, so atleast i had proved my point! Whatever it was.
But during the last 2 hours, me and my swizz friend decided to jump across ass the rock formations along the coast, and it was a blast. We jumped up and down those rocks for so long without tiring. And i even found 3 engines and one beach ball among the rocks.

But sadly the day had to end eventually. We took the buses back to the harbor and said farewell to the kind driver, and when we walked the small bridge to board the boat, we saw many of the people who had been with us during our two days here give us their farewells. They were all such great people, and i hope to get to visit this fantastic island again in the future. And not much happened the rest of the day, since during the trip home, me and my friends were all so tired we basically fell asleep out on the benches on the boat for an hour in the freezing winds.

And last but not least, the Japanese test…. I got really frustrated with the test i had today, since it felt very easy, but not for the right reasons. Ive tried to study like crazy the last few weeks before the test but never felt sure about my abilities in Japanese, so i just wished for the best when the test finally arrived. And when we corrected our mistakes, i had 36/50, which means i passed! But i still had a sour feeling in my mouth that this wasnt a fair assessment of my language skills other than on some points i dont feel are as important as others.
But oh well! i Finished the first out of many many tests to come, and i am ready for all of them. My Japanese will just grow with time and my self confidence will expand just as rapidly!

That is all for now, my friends. As you can see ive had a busy busy week, so the updates will be few and far between, but i will try to make sure everyone of them are interesting and noteworthy in some way.
If not, i guess its worth it by itself just to watch my beautiful face!

Anyone i will fall asleep now unless i round this up, so i hope you all have it nice wherever you are reading this from and thank you for following my Japanese adventure!



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