Come on barbie, lets go party!


Ah, Ah, aaah Yeah!
Well yesterday sure was a blast! spent about 2 hours with my classmates singing karaoke until i couldnt talk anymore (maby that was the plan all along?!)

and was fantastic. I had such a great time with all my friends and i will likely never forget that night in my life. And it was an amazing way to start of The golden week!

I am so excited for this coming Thursday and Friday! During those two days me and several of our teachers and classmates are all going to an island of the coast of Fukuoka after an about 2 hour long ferry ride to an isle known as: Iki….Island….
Do people who live on islands have no imagination of naming things?
Its like the swedes when we figured out our word for island.

“Hey! what should we name that piece of land in the water? What do you think Drunkard Danny?
Well… thank you for your brilliant contribution to the Swedish language!”

But joking aside it is gonna be amazing and i will make sure to post some beautiful pictures once i get back home to my laptop.
If i decide to come back. Hey, Im paying for this trip so i should be able to get stranded on an tropical island whenever i want!14935556844001493555679404149355567795214935556819101493555672796149347608539514935556755471493476057421

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