A historical visit

This weekend has been a truly fantastic time. On saturday me and 5 other school mates decided to go to Nagasaki, the 2nd city in history to ever be hit by an atomic bomb. We all met at 7 o’clock in the morning to get in time for the train. Just after 2 hours train ride, we arrived at Nagasaki. And words can not describe it. Great historical ships were tied to the harbor, great hills surrounded the bay and each and everyone of them covered from top to toe with trees like jungles with the summer sun shining all over the historical city.

we couldnt have arrived at a more perfect time. During our time in Nagasaki we got to visit several historical places like;
The old “embassy” i guess you could call it from the times when the westerners were not allowed to drop anchor at any other town in Japan than Nagasaki several hundreds of years ago. It was atop a giant hill that took alot of effort to clime, but not without some beautiful scenery on the way, since you could practically see the entire city from the top.
And on the top of the hill there was a great garden surrounding the embassy with calming ponds, lush trees giving shade from the hot sun and bushes covering the entire perimeter around the garden, likely to both keep people inside and keeping people outside, back in those times.

And the 2nd spot was none other than the Nagasaki peace memorial and The bomb site. It was so surreal standing in and walking around those historical monuments covering the memorial and bombsite, and all the horrific pictures and stories that filled the peace memorial. Let us never forget the cost of war and what to much pride can cause humanity.
I will share many picture i took from all over the City but i did not take any of the bombsite itself (other than a statue symbolizing peace on the outskirt of the area) since i would feel disrespectful to those who suffered from such an event.


Now on a lighter note: Now that my first school day of the week is finished i want to share my frustration with you all. I thought that the normal Japanese alphabet was difficult to remember and understand, but now we have started with kanji. Where one symbol can mean up to 5 things at once. I took pictures of todays homework so you can all pray back at home for me to learn this language

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