Rain, a beautiful friend

Hello everyone! I know these updates arnt as frequent as id like, but i have good excuses! Or atleast exuses.

Okey ive been to tired after all the socializing and studying. But here is a sign that im alive!

Today there has been just a horrible amount of nonstop rain (but it was so relaxing walking around in it).

And let me tell you: japan is just as amazing and beautiful if not more in the rain. I took some really nice pictures on my walk home and “barrowed” some nice pictures my friends took when i was with them. (Hogging all the good pictures….)

Last but not least is the school and studying…. japanese is really difficult. Especially if you have hard focusing and mild dyslexia like i do. But i will not fail this year no matter what! If i have gotten this far in life i can finish this goal no matter what!

Luckely i have some fantastic teachers and friends to back me up. The teachers really care a great amount about every single student inside and outside the schools walls. And my classmates are…. a special kind. Im just kidding, i love you guys if you read this. They are just so amazing and so supportive. Even if i have to stop the pase of the lesson just because i didnt understand something, they are all more than willing to drop everything and make sure i get the help i need to understand what i missed. I trully feel welcomed every time i enter the classroom or meet them outside of the school.

Now im off to bed and to sweet sweet japanese food dreams! There is a picture of todays dinner aswell…. it did not dissapoint!

Till next time:

Toodles! (Ray ray, that was for you)

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