Ohori park: Big darn fishes!

Two days ago (dont blame me for no updates, it was japan!) Me and my friends visited an amazing place in fukuoka called Ohori park. It was in the middle of this huge city and it felt like it was a sanctuary in the middle of nowhere. Ive never felt as relaxed as when i was walking around the sakura trees with their colourful displays.

And now for the fishes…. i never got any good pictures because of the water, but trust me, they were huge! I swear they could beat the crap out of a corgi.

And a small update on how the school is going: its getting easier to understand what japanese is all about. I have been away from school for so long i lost my way of learning, but now its gradually comming back. And now i (think) ive met all my Senseis, and they are all amazing and adorible. They make it really fun to learn one of the most difficult languages in the world. And my classmates are amazing. Ive already made two

great friends with a 26ish year old swizz and a 50 year old american from texas. You will probably see them in a few pictures here and there!

Thats all for now but i promise to give a video update when the internet gods allow. Toodles! (Rayray, that was for you)

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