Ive landed in a foreign paradise

I am finally here! i cant believe it!
After about 16 hours flight and waiting i am finally at the house of my host family.
And i couldnt be happier. The trip went amazing. The first flight i took from Sweden to Finland got upgraded to business class for free, and who can complain about that?
And the rest of the flights was just lovely. I got to sit next to a lovely Finnish girl who were also visiting Japan, though for a shorter time.

And then i landed in Tokyo Narita airport. And i was stunned. Everything was so clean and orderly. The staff at all the Japanese airports were just fantastic and so helpful with everything i needed help with. (And as its my first trip outside of Europe, i needed a bit of help)
When i first read that i was going to land in Tokyo i expected it to be like landing in the middle of Manhattan, but i was so wrong. There were trees everywhere! Green beautiful landscaped in between the two airports. Probably this was because it was the outskirts of Tokyo but i still got shocked on how fantastic it all looked.

I will try to update as often as possible with both text, video and pictures, but i first have to figure out the internet in Japan. It wont let me upload videos and i do not like that answer.
And as you will soon see, the timeline in the beginning will be a little strange, since i made videos of myself at the airports on my way to Japan but i was not allowed to upload them.
But i will try to post them as soon as possible!

And now after 16 hours of traveling… I shall sleep!
Good Night!

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