The time has come

I cant believe i am finally doing this. One year and five months ago i signed up for my first visit to Blueberry’s Asian evening for information about work and studying in Japan. Ive always wanted to go to Japan, the heaven on earth as ive always imagined it. And all that was needed to finally tip me over, was that evening. Whenever i thought about actually going to Japan, doubt always set in my mind like mist an autumns morning.

But thanks to the amazing people at Blueberry, my friends around the world, and my family, i was finally convinced to go to the land of my dreams! Sure it would cost me more than I’d ever imagined me spending in one lifetime, but if you worry to much about the consequences you will not get far in life. And what will i do when i finally arrive? I don’t know! part of the fun is improvising!

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”

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