The Flu season

Hello everyone. Time for another update. So since last update, not very much has happened. With my studying, we did finally finish the 2nd book last week. It felt great to finally finish it, but they gave us a very strange timeline for the test. What they had planned was that after we had finished […]

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Only 2 months left

Hello everyone. In the last few weeks now, ive been thinking more and more over the fact that time has really flown so fast while ive been in Japan. I simply can not understand how those 10 months can have flown past so quickly. It felt like it was 4 months ago that i first […]

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Cancelled plans+Holidays

Hello everyone! Sad to be the bringer of bad news, but i sadly could not go on the trip to the south this weekend. When i first made all the preparations and was just about to make the booking, i realized that this Friday would be my Kenjutsu Dojo’s last practice for the year, and […]

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Start of winter break

Hello everyone! Now after a very long and restless period, my first real break since the summer has begun. It has been really exhausting and frustrating these last few months with the difficulty and complexity of the grammar increasing by every week. And right after the winter break end, we will start in the 3rd […]

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Hello again! Now its been two weeks since last update, but although that might indicate that ive had a nice and relaxing time, it is actually quite the opposite. Since this is now the last rush before the winter break, the pace has been gradually increasing. This last week we did 2 chapters worth of […]

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Hiking trip

Howdy! This weekend i did something fantastic and unexpected for a lazy person like myself, i went on a one man hike! Since i had some extra free time this weekend because of the fact that i have been trying to lessen the amount of homework i regularly do, because i realised that it stressed […]

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